What to Look for in Your Artificial Turf Warranty

July 20, 2021

Installing artificial turf can benefit property owners in different ways. From beautiful aesthetics to optimal functionality and increased savings, transitioning to artificial turf is a worthwhile decision for your home or business. However, how much you get out of your synthetic grass surface will ultimately depend on the quality of your artificial turf product. While there’s no definitive way to determine how good your synthetic turf is before purchasing it, one effective method is looking at the warranty provided. A strong warranty suggests that the manufacturer behind it is confident in their product and its quality while a weaker one hints toward the opposite. But what exactly should you be looking for in a warranty? Here’s what you’ll need to keep an eye out for.

What Does it Cover?

One of the most important aspects of a warranty is its coverage. Ideally, you would want an artificial turf product with extensive coverage that accounts for materials, fading, and staining. An artificial turf company that offers a warranty that covers all of these is one that is sure of the dependability of its products. On the other hand, manufacturers who make less reliable synthetic grass products will tend to offer minimal warranties that don’t cover much. 

The Length

When it comes to the length of your warranty, the longer it is the better. Trustworthy synthetic turf companies that deliver great artificial turf products like SGW Reno offer warranties that last up to 15 years. Along with the length of the warranty, you’ll need to also keep an eye on the value depreciation of the products that you are purchasing. Certain synthetic grass manufacturers will depreciate the value of a product quickly. This could mean that in just a few years, your artificial turf’s value might be drastically lower than its original cost.

The Process

While not ideal, there’s always a chance that you’ll need to make a claim if something does go wrong with your artificial turf. For such scenarios, you’ll want to work with a synthetic grass manufacturer or company that makes the process easy for you. Any company that makes things complicated for you and forces you to jump through numerous hoops is not one that you want to be involved with. 

For dependable artificial turf products that you can count on, try SGW Reno. Our synthetic grass is built to last and displays remarkable durability that is unmatched by anything else in the industry. Contractors across Reno and North America, who have made us their preferred choice for synthetic grass wholesale products, can attest to the quality and dependability of our products. Every one of our incredible artificial turf products is non-toxic, lead-free, and backed by a 15-year warranty. Our 15-year warranty covers defective materials and workmanship. We will repair or replace the affected area for free, or issue a credit equal to the cost of the synthetic grass material. For more information about what we can do for you, fill out our online contact form or call us at (800) 651-3718 to request a free product sample.

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