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With an extensive range of colors, textures, and heights to choose from, transforming your space into a stunning haven has never been more effortless. Our vast selection of synthetic turf products ensures you’ll find the ideal solution tailored to your specific requirements. Experience the confidence of getting your artificial grass installation done flawlessly from the start. Our state-of-the-art installation accessories guarantee picture-perfect results every single time, ensuring a seamless and professional finish for your project. With us, you can be sure that your outdoor space will be a masterpiece that surpasses your expectations.

We believe in efficiency and convenience, which is why we offer fast same-day shipping on all orders – say goodbye to long waiting times and hello to a speedy delivery. As the unrivaled industry leader in synthetic turf distribution, we understand the importance of affordability without compromising on excellence; that’s why we strive to make our products accessible to everyone, ensuring that you can create your dream outdoor space without stretching your budget.

Our relentless pursuit of quality extends beyond aesthetics. We are deeply committed to environmental sustainability, and all our artificial grass products are meticulously designed with this in mind. From production to installation, we prioritize eco-friendly practices to minimize our impact on the planet. By choosing our synthetic turf, you’re making a responsible choice that contributes to a more sustainable future.

We understand the importance of a safe and healthy environment for your loved ones, including your family and pets. That’s why our products undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet the highest safety standards. You can have peace of mind knowing that our artificial grass is free from harmful chemicals and provides a worry-free space for your loved ones to enjoy.

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Every product SGW Nevada offers is beautiful, economical, and comes with a factory-backed warranty.



Looking for an evergreen and easy-to-maintain solution that will make your yard the envy of all the neighbors? Look no further, our landscape turf options will keep your property looking the best in your neighborhood – no lawnmower required!

Pet Systems


Love Fido, but hate mud being tracked into your home? Our turf is pet friendly and provides all of the benefits of natural grass, without the mess or fertilizers! Fido can play all day, and you can say goodbye to dirt clumps!

Golf & Putting


Putting is the name of the game, but maintenance takes away from you working on your swing. Our putting green options give you the best surface while ensuring you can play any day or time.



Tired of sand or wood chips? Our playground turf is IPEMA certified, providing the most durable and safe surface to play on, limiting the possibilities to only your imagination!



Want to elevate your business space? We have many turf options that will bring your business to life and leave a lasting impression on your customers!

Fitness Systems


Your gym allows your customers to transform their minds and bodies, use our artificial grass to transform your space and bring comfort, as well as durability, to your gym space!



Have a rooftop space that needs to be brought to life? You’re in luck! Our turf solutions not only elevate the aesthetics of any rooftop installation but also aid in reducing heat, making this an ideal option for long summer days.

Sports Systems


Our sports turf options ensure that your space is always game ready. Our IPEMA-certified turf means that you can keep playing with peace of mind knowing that our turf was engineered with your safety in mind!

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TigerTurf products don’t just look real, they are soft to the touch. Each blade is perfectly cut, then continually rolled and stretched to strengthen each synthetic yarn, until each fiber is as thin and elegant as natural grass. After the blades are treated with advanced UV resistant technology, we go through a rigorous tuft binding process that injects these blades into an environmentally friendly backing. This turf backing can resist thousands of pounds of resistance per square inch, the strongest backing in the industry.