4 Common Mistakes When Completing a DIY Artificial Grass Installation

September 20, 2021

The importance of a well-executed artificial grass installation cannot be overstated. Synthetic turf installation plays a significant role in impacting the durability and efficiency of the surface. A well-done artificial turf installation can give property owners a surface that is beautiful, long-lasting, and effective. On the other hand, an improperly installed turf surface will drastically shorten its lifespan and cause numerous issues to arise. Property owners considering doing their own artificial grass installation will need to avoid these four common mistakes if they hope to ensure a successful project.

Incorrect Measurements

If you’re installing your artificial grass surface, it’s vital that you get the measurements of your yard done correctly. Measurements are important because they help with design work and tell you how much material is needed. Inaccurate measurements are a common mistake made by property owners that will not only disrupt your entire landscaping project but will also make it challenging to get back on track. We recommend that you take multiple measurements to ensure that they are as accurate as can be. 

Uneven Surface

The goal of every artificial grass installation is to ensure a smooth surface at the end of it. Having a flat surface makes for a wonderful sight to look at and gives owners confidence in its longevity because of its more structured integrity. Those who don’t take the time to clear rocks and debris out of the designated area will end up with an uneven surface. Uneven surfaces are visually unpleasant and have reduced lifespans. 

Not Installing Weed Protection

There’s a lot that goes into an artificial turf installation that amateur installers have to think about. With so many factors to consider, some landscapers will forget to install weed protection with their synthetic grass surface. This is a mistake that will lead to natural weed growth in your artificial grass lawn. Weeds are not something that any lawn owner wants because they ruin the appearance of your surface while also threatening its integrity and health. 

Wasting Leftover Artificial Grass

After getting done with your artificial grass installation, you may feel tempted to throw away the leftover pieces of turf that you haven’t used. This would be a mistake and wasteful use of artificial turf. Many amateur installers who dump their leftover synthetic grass are unaware that it can still be used for repairs and patchwork. By throwing away your leftover pieces, you’ll be forced to buy additional synthetic turf if you need to make repairs to your surface at a later date. 

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