4 Reasons Weeds Won’t Grow Through Your Synthetic Grass Lawn

September 30, 2021

With a synthetic grass lawn, property owners will have a surface that is lush, green, and visually stunning to look at. Its aesthetic value and efficiency as a surface make synthetic grass the perfect addition for any property owner. What you won’t find on an artificial turf surface are weeds. Thanks to its structure and properties, weed growth is almost non-existent for synthetic turf surfaces. Here are four reasons why you won’t see weeds on your synthetic grass lawn.

Too Many Obstacles and Levels

The lack of protective layers to natural grass makes it susceptible to weed growth. Once weed seeds make their way onto a natural grass lawn, it’s only a matter of time until they begin to grow and spread throughout the surface. Artificial turf owners won’t have to worry about this issue because its structure makes it impossible for such growth. The numerous protective levels and helpful features owned by synthetic grass such as its infill and drainage system prevent weeds from ever penetrating the soil and establishing themselves.

Tightly Woven Backing

Artificial turf has a tightly woven backing that serves numerous purposes. Its functions include helping keep the synthetic turf blades straight and upright as well as aiding in the drainage process. The tightness of artificial grass also plays a significant role in preventing weed growth by stopping any penetration from occurring. This tightness denies natural weeds access to the soil, which makes it difficult for them to establish themselves and spread.

Lack of Water Present

For weed growth to occur, there needs to be a persistent water presence on the surface. This is why natural weeds aren’t able to spread on synthetic grass lawns. Synthetic grass has a drainage network and various properties that help facilitate the flow of water, never allowing it to settle in one area. The lack of pools of water typically found with natural grass makes artificial turf an environment in which weeds are unable to thrive.  

Lack of Nutritional Support

Along with water, weeds require nutrition to grow and spread, and they typically get their nutrition from the soil. The soil of a natural grass surface is incredibly accessible to weeds, which is why natural weeds can thrive in such an environment. However, artificial grass surfaces have tightly woven backing and can deny natural weeds access to the soil. This means that weeds won’t be able to get enough nutrition to grow, even if they make their way onto an artificial turf surface. 

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