Four Tips for a Perfect Artificial Grass Putting Green Installation

May 25, 2022

Installing a new artificial grass putting green is exciting! What golfer doesn’t want to practice in their own backyard? As the leading provider of artificial turf products in the region, SGW Reno’s team of experts has seen every major mistake in synthetic turf putting green installations. At Synthetic Grass Warehouse Reno, we’ve listed our essential tips to ensure the best results from your artificial turf putting green installation. 

Install the Putting Green Cup First

Your putting green holes must be securely installed before you unroll your artificial grass putting turf. They should be level (use a boat level to make sure) and surrounded by concrete, with enough room left at the top of the cup to allow the backing material of your new synthetic turf putting green to fit seamlessly over the top. The holes for your putting green cups should be the very last thing you cut when installing your synthetic grass. 

Give Your Artificial Turf Putting Green Grass Time to Adjust

You’re jumping to put your new synthetic grass putting green to use right away, but giving it time to acclimate after arrival is key to a smooth installation. Artificial turf is transported in tight rolls, resulting in some creasing when it arrives at your home or business for installation. After unrolling, let your new turf rest for 24 hours to acclimate to its new environment before cutting and installing. Doing so will allow your artificial turf’s backing to smooth out, with no creasing or bumps after installation.

Make Sure Your Edges are Secure

Loose edges are a safety hazard – you’ll want to secure the ends of your new artificial grass putting green properly to prevent trips and falls. This can be accomplished with many different types of edge restraints, from plastic to metal edging. No matter the form of edging you decide on, Synthetic Grass Warehouse Reno has everything you need to get the job done right with our convenient selection of install accessories. We carry everything from turf staples to non-galvanized nails to give you a one-stop shop when installing a new artificial grass putting green.

Rent a Mechanical Brush

Renting a mechanical power brush during installation is the easiest way to get infill to the bottom of your artificial turf pile. It’s much faster and requires a lot less manual labor than a manual artificial turf brush, simplifying the installation process of your new artificial grass putting green.

Synthetic Grass Warehouse Reno was established to bring industry-leading artificial turf in Reno, NV and surrounding areas. As the largest manufacturer in the nation, we supply the widest variety of excellent products at competitive prices to property owners and contractors in Reno. We’ve got everything you need for an ideal artificial turf putting green installation. SGW Reno would love to help you select the perfect synthetic grass for your unique landscaping needs for your next project.  Contact us today at (800) 651-3718 or visit us online for a free quote and samples of our premier artificial grass product lines.

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