Four Easy Ways to Prevent Artificial Turf Creases

May 25, 2022

Like any landscaping project, artificial turf installation benefits tremendously from proper installation and maintenance to keep your outdoor areas looking their best. Due to the region’s hot climate, creasing is the leading frustration for homeowners with artificial turf in Reno, Nevada. Thankfully, there are ways to efficiently prevent and treat the creasing of your artificial grass. When investing in high-quality, beautiful synthetic turf, you’ll want to keep it in excellent condition – Synthetic Grass Warehouse Reno has compiled the best ways to combat the creasing of your synthetic turf lawn. 

Use the Right Infill

Because artificial turf infill structurally supports your artificial grass’s blades and backing system, it’s a critical part of preventing matting and creasing. Unless pets primarily use your artificial turf lawn, we typically recommend silica infill as the best option for homeowners. Pet owners should use organic infill to combat odors from pet waste. Infill should be installed evenly and in the proper amounts to prevent creases, so work with your manufacturer to determine the recommendations for your specific type of artificial grass.

Brush any Affected Areas

As durable as our synthetic turf is, exposure to the elements can sometimes result in creasing after artificial turf installation. High temperatures can warp the backing material by causing expansion, followed by contraction into creases when temperatures cool down again. Fortunately, a simple brushing of your artificial grass (especially on a hot day) is often enough to straighten creases back out, so your lawn looks smooth and seamless again.

Make Sure the Area is Flat

Ensuring that the laying course underneath your artificial grass is flat and smooth is key to a beautiful artificial turf installation. Make sure the material underneath your turf (usually granite or limestone) is free of divots or bumps to prevent creases from forming in the synthetic grass above. The same goes for weed membranes – if you opt to install one underneath your turf to avoid weeds, double-check that it’s completely stretched out and adequately secured to prevent creases in your artificial grass.

Use a Carpet Kicker to Stretch Out the Lawn

As natural as it can look, artificial turf is still an inorganic material – it’s not rooted into the ground. You’ll want to pay attention to keeping your synthetic turf as stretched out as possible as it’s being installed to minimize the room between the laying course and the turf. Doing so with a carpet kicker is the best way to prevent your synthetic grass from moving around and creasing after installation.

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