Three Reasons Synthetic Turf is Perfect for Tennis Courts

October 28, 2022

Professional tennis courts require an incredibly high level of maintenance. Turning natural grass into a playing area suitable for the pros takes a lot of expensive preparation. 

While the big leagues have the time and budget to accommodate natural grass, most courts and clubs have to use other materials. If you’re a long-time fan of the game, you’ve likely noticed that most courts are either clay, concrete or artificial turf.

Artificial grass allows tennis players to enjoy the look of a professional court in a more practical way. Below are the three biggest reasons artificial turf is perfect for tennis courts.

Artificial Grass Tennis Courts are Low-Maintenance 

No need to close down the courts for maintenance – artificial grass stays perfectly green and manicured all on its own. 

Unlike natural grass, you’ll never need to water, mow or fertilize artificial turf. In fact, synthetic turf requires little more than the occasional rinse to look great all year. This makes it perfect for use in tennis courts because players will never have to schedule matches or practice sessions around maintenance.

Synthetic Turf is Incredibly Durable

Artificial turf was initially created for use in indoor sports arenas. It’s built to withstand heavy foot traffic, which makes it an ideal choice for even the most-used tennis courts.

Today’s synthetic turf is more durable than ever before. Now that it’s also used in residential applications, artificial turf is crafted to stand up to the elements. Because it’s so durable, artificial turf is a great fit for outdoor sports areas like tennis courts.

Artificial Grass Is Cost-Effective

The initial investment in artificial turf can save commercial tennis courts thousands of dollars in the long run. Maintaining natural grass is expensive – commercial tennis courts often have to pay someone every week just to keep their grass areas watered. High-quality synthetic turf will look great all on its own for years after it’s installed. 

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