How Does Artificial Turf Hold Up During Winter?

February 17, 2023

Artificial turf is a popular investment in desert climates like Reno, Nevada. Because it never needs to be watered during the hot summers, synthetic turf saves home and business owners thousands of gallons of water annually.

However, your landscaping should also be able to hold up to Reno’s colder months, when temperatures can dip below freezing after the sun sets. So, can artificial turf last through the winter?

Can Artificial Turf Withstand the Cold?

The short answer is yes: high-quality artificial grass is built to withstand all weather conditions, including the cold.

Because it’s made from inorganic materials, like polyurethane, synthetic grass won’t break down or die when it snows or frosts. Unlike natural grass, artificial turf will stay green and lush all year. 

Does Synthetic Turf Freeze?

Another benefit of synthetic grass in the winter is that your lawn will never freeze over. Thanks to its lack of water content, artificial turf can’t freeze and break in the same way that natural grass will.

Additionally, quality artificial grass is made with effective drainage that stops frost from accumulating on the blades. This helps to keep your lawn fun and functional throughout every season. 

Will Artificial Turf Fade?

If you have natural grass, your lawn is far from pretty at the beginning of spring. Natural grass is incredibly sensitive to the elements – if the weather gets too hot, too cold or too wet, your lawn will suffer from discoloration, brown spots and dry, rough blades.

No matter how much temperatures rise or fall, an artificial grass lawn won’t fade or turn brown. The second the winter snow melts away, you’ll have a vibrant green yard again!

Do You Need To Prepare Your Turf for Winter?

Synthetic turf requires far less winter maintenance than natural grass. There’s no required prep work to do before the temperatures drop, but there are a few things to keep in mind when using your artificial turf lawn during winter.

First, be careful when shoveling snow. To avoid damaging the turf fibers, use a plastic shovel (not a metal one) and try to keep it above the surface of your artificial grass.

Next, you’ll want to avoid using salt or chemical deicers. While these won’t damage the turf, they can build up on its surface and prevent proper drainage.

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