Four Creative Uses for Artificial Grass in Your Backyard

February 18, 2023

Artificial turf is commonly used in Reno’s residential areas. It’s a great way to enjoy the lush, green look of natural grass while conserving water in the Nevada heat.

While it’s most often used in front lawns, putting greens and playscapes, artificial grass works great in many creative applications as well. If you’re looking to switch up your backyard, consider these four creative ways to install artificial turf at your home.

Install Artificial Turf Under Your Seating Area

Artificial turf works beautifully in an outdoor seating area. Synthetic grass gives the lush, green look of natural grass, but it won’t die or fade beneath furniture. This makes synthetic turf great for entertaining spaces.

Create Pathways 

Unlike dirt or pavers, artificial grass pathways are highly accessible. In addition to looking great, synthetic turf pathways provide a smooth and level surface for all to enjoy.

Because it doesn’t have gaps, holes or divots like other materials, artificial grass is an excellent choice for the elderly and persons with disabilities.

Add Some Green to Your Swimming Pool Area

Swimming pools are most commonly surrounded by concrete or pavers, but artificial turf works just as well. In fact, the increased traction and padding it provides help prevent slips and falls.

High-quality synthetic turf is made with efficient drainage and UV-resistant pigments, so you won’t have to worry about damage from pool water or the sun.

Use Synthetic Turf for a Sound & Privacy Barrier

Artificial turf works great for creating some extra privacy in your backyard. Installing it on your fences looks great when well-executed and will prevent your neighbors from seeing into your backyard.

Like carpeting, the makeup of artificial grass also helps with soundproofing. You and your guests will enjoy a greater sense of privacy – and hearing less of the neighbors next door.

Artificial grass is one of the most versatile landscaping materials on the market. At Synthetic Grass Warehouse Reno, we stock the nation’s largest selection of artificial turf  – you’re guaranteed to find the perfect material for your next creative project. Our team is always friendly, knowledgeable and willing to help in any way we can. Give us a call at (800) 651-3718 or contact us online today – we’d be happy to provide you with a complimentary quote and free turf samples.

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