How Does U.V. Protection Effectively Preserve Synthetic Grass?

February 28, 2023

Replacing your natural grass with artificial turf is one of the most popular landscaping renovations in Reno, Nevada, and for good reason. In Nevada’s desert climate, synthetic turf saves home and business owners countless dollars and hours on maintenance – plus, it stays lush and green no matter how high the temperatures climb!

To ensure your clients get the most out of their landscaping renovations, we recommend choosing artificial turf made with U.V.-resistant technology. Below are the top four reasons why sun protection is essential for a good return on investment. 

Protection From Fading & Color Bleeding

Constant exposure to U.V. rays can cause fading and color bleeding, which will make your artificial turf appear less natural. Heat-reflective pigments prevent these issues and preserve the stunning, green look of your synthetic grass landscaping!

Lower Risk of Yarn Splitting

Artificial turf blades are made of plastic yarns – typically either nylon, polypropylene or polyethylene. When these synthetic fibers are exposed to high temperatures, they’ll begin to split apart – making your synthetic turf look frayed and damaged. 

U.V.-resistant technology effectively reduces surface temperatures by up to 15 percent or around 10 degrees. This prevents yarn splitting and preserves the lush look of your artificial grass lawn.

Stronger Turf Fibers 

By helping your turf blades resist heat damage, U.V. resistance keeps your fibers durable. Strong, durable blades are essential – especially if your artificial turf installation endures a lot of foot traffic. 

Improved Functionality

Sun-damaged artificial turf doesn’t just result in an uneven, ragged-looking landscape. When heat weakens your turf, the backing material can stretch out enough to become a safety hazard. 

An uneven, ill-secured installation is more likely to cause trips and falls. This is a major concern, especially if your turf is used by children or for athletic practices.

By preserving the structural integrity of your synthetic turf installation, U.V.-resistant technology ensures your landscaping stays as safe, fun and aesthetically beautiful as the day you installed it. 

If you’re looking for artificial turf in Reno, look no further than Synthetic Grass Warehouse Reno! From TigerCool U.V.-resistant technology to the best drainage system available, we’re proud to provide Nevada contractors with the best artificial turf products in the industry. Your installation company’s stellar reputation is our top priority, and we’ll go the extra mile to help you exceed every client’s expectations. For more information and free turf samples, contact us online or call (800) 651-3718 today!


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