Essential Pet Turf Installation Tips To Ensure a Job Well Done

January 25, 2024

Any dog owner knows that having a pup in the house means having plenty of messes to clean up. From muddy paws to digging holes, your canine companion can wreak havoc on your outdoor space. Luckily, there’s a way to create a puppy-friendly landscape without all the maintenance and mess.

A synthetic grass installation can help you create a stunning outdoor space that is both visually pleasing and dog-friendly. There are dozens of benefits of synthetic pet turf for dog owners, including pull force resistance to prevent holes and evergreen blade tones that never turn brown from urine. To create the ultimate dog-friendly landscape, keep these installation tips in mind to ensure a job well done.

Find the Right Installation Site

The first step to a successful pet turf installation is to find the right location. One of the biggest benefits of synthetic grass is that it can be installed virtually everywhere, including outdoor yards, balconies, and even indoor spaces.

If you have a backyard that your dog loves to run around in, pet turf will transform it into a lush, comfortable oasis for the whole family without the mess and stress of natural grass. It looks just like the real thing, but its ultra-durable backing ensures that you don’t have to worry about bald patches or brown spots no matter how much it’s used.

If you live in a small apartment with no outdoor space, you can still transform your balcony into a cushioned and comfortable spot for your pet with artificial grass. You can add a square of turf for a sanitary and easy-to-use bathroom area, or cover your entire balcony for an urban oasis you’ll both enjoy relaxing on.

If you don’t have a balcony, or if you want to keep your pet cozy inside during bad weather, you can install synthetic grass on indoor surfaces just as easily. Whether you want to create a pet playroom, a soft resting area, or an indoor bathroom spot, pet turf provides the ultimate pet-friendly flooring solution indoors and out.

Choose the Right Pet Turf System

Not all synthetic grass products are created equal, and choosing the right one for your home’s and pet’s needs is crucial to a successful installation. When it comes to selecting the right turf product, look for specialized pet turf that has been manufactured with your furry friends in mind.

SGW pet turf is designed for durability. This means that it can withstand frequent use, including digging, scratching, and daily running. Thanks to the short, dense fibers and triple tuft bind technology, our pet turf can withstand heavy use and thousands of pounds of pull force without showing excessive wear and tear.

It’s also non-toxic and lead-free, ensuring that your furry friends are kept safe during play. Whereas low-quality, internationally-manufactured turf products may contain harmful chemicals due to cutting corners, high-quality, American-made turf like SGW pet turf is always non-toxic, lead-free, and manufactured to meet or exceed all strict U.S. safety regulations.

Ensure Proper Synthetic Grass Installation

Once you’ve found the perfect turf product and installation site, the next step is to ensure that you install your synthetic pet turf to the highest standard. Proper installation is the only way to guarantee that your synthetic turf will stand up to your pet’s heavy usage and last for years to come.

To ensure the job is done well, make sure to utilize a professional synthetic grass installation company. DIY turf installation can be a tough job, and failing to properly install the turf can cause you much more in the long run than hiring a reputable installer. At SGW Las Vegas, we can match you with professional installers in your area.

When installing SGW pet turf, ensure that you’ve properly prepared the base. It’s crucial to prepare the sub-base correctly to ensure proper drainage and avoid any potential unevenness. This process includes removing any existing vegetation, leveling the substrate, and adding a layer of compacted base material. Once that’s completed, add a weed barrier to prevent weeds from breaking through the installation and causing damage to the turf.

To keep the turf in place, it’s important to use strong and sturdy edging materials. This will also help prevent pups from digging up the edges of the pet turf. Once your synthetic grass is thoroughly secured, add an antimicrobial infill to help prevent bacteria buildup and unpleasant odors. The infill will also help keep the turf blades upright, counteracting matting that could occur from heavy trampling by your pets.

If you need further guidance in choosing the right wholesale artificial grass products and turf installation accessories for your pet-friendly turf installation, contact your local Synthetic Grass Warehouse location. At SGW Las Vegas, we can help you find the perfect synthetic grass products for your home or business. 

SGW Las Vegas has been an industry-leading artificial grass manufacturer and artificial turf distributor for more than 20 years, helping installers and homeowners alike with all their artificial grass installation needs. To find out more about our products or to receive guidance with your next turf grass installation, contact your local Synthetic Grass Warehouse facility today.

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