3 Winter Maintenance Tips for your Synthetic Grass Lawn

November 30, 2021

One of the defining aspects of artificial turf is its impressive durability, which makes it superior to natural grass. No matter the time of year or how harsh the weather conditions are, synthetic turf can endure it all and maintain its stellar appearance and functionality. However, there are certain things that artificial grass owners should consider during the winter months. Artificial grass has unique characteristics that need to be tended to with dropping temperatures, and we’d like to share those with you in this blog.

Examine the Nails

Colder temperatures and gradual wear and tear from heavy use can harm the equipment that holds down and secures your lawn. If you haven’t done so, examine heavily-used artificial turf areas to see if they’re still soundly secured by the nails. If not, readjust or replace the rails to ensure that your synthetic grass remains secured.  

Take Care of Frost

Those who live in colder areas will have to deal with frost on their synthetic grass lawn during winter. During this time of the year, lower temperatures can cause ice to form on the blades of your artificial turf. As a result, your synthetic turf surface will become slippery, increasing the chances of someone falling. When frost forms on your artificial turf, you can either wait for it to melt naturally or address the issue yourself for a quicker solution using a bristle broom, plastic snow shovel, or even heated towels. 

Remove Any Debris

The fall season comes and goes, leaving a trail of debris spread throughout your synthetic grass lawn, which can hinder your artificial grass lawn’s performance. To ensure that your turf surface continues to operate optimally this winter, take the time to clean out any leaves and debris that have fallen onto your lawn. Doing this will keep your artificial grass looking and feeling great, and all it takes is just brushing and cleaning your yard every few weeks. 

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