Four Benefits of UV-Protected Artificial Grass

December 21, 2021

Over time, sun exposure can severely weaken surfaces unequipped to handle extensive UV radiation. With some artificial grass products, UV rays can compromise the structural integrity of the surface, leading to severe issues and drastically shortening its lifespan. UV-protected artificial grass is the ideal surface for dealing with prolonged sun exposure and will prevent many of its harmful effects. 

Stops Color Fading

Considerable UV radiation can cause color fading with some artificial grass surfaces. This will give your synthetic turf an unpleasant aesthetic that makes your surface look aged. 

UV-protected synthetic grass eliminates color fading, helping your artificial turf surface keep its lively green color and natural aesthetic, even in the face of prolonged sun exposure. 

Preserves Yarn Integrity 

Yarn is used within artificial grass to help the turf blades stay upright and resilient to heavy foot traffic. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can change this by wearing down the threads of your turf’s yarn. 

This will result in your artificial turf blades becoming weaker and no longer having their upright positioning. Your synthetic turf surface will lose its natural aesthetic and any visual resemblance to natural grass.

High-quality artificial grass that can protect its yarn from overexposure will keep your turf blades standing tall and your surface looking great.

Upholds Synthetic Turf’s Durability 

One of artificial turf’s best qualities is its impressive durability. Artificial grass lawns that are UV-protected will last their owners for many years, maintaining high-level performance throughout.

A synthetic grass surface that can’t stand up to UV radiation can lose some durability and experience problematic wear and tear, eventually resulting in long-term issues. These issues can force costly repairs and reduce your artificial turf lawn’s lifespan.

Continued Functionality

An artificial grass lawn that has been damaged by prolonged sun exposure won’t be able to function properly. Its normally smooth surface will become uneven and jagged, which increases the likelihood of tripping and slipping. 

This doesn’t happen with synthetic grass that has features to counteract high temperatures and UV radiation. Artificial turf protected against these threats will continue functioning at its usual stellar level and remain an even, consistent surface. 

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