Four Helpful Tips For Designing an Impressive Artificial Turf Putting Green

August 30, 2022

Most homeowners with an artificial turf putting green have the same setup: a basic, one-hole green. 

While there’s nothing wrong with wanting to practice simple putts, artificial turf putting green systems can be way more challenging and exciting. 

Whether you want to keep things simple or create your own mini-golf masterpiece, a skilled artificial turf installation contractor can bring your vision to life. Here are four of our favorite ways to make an impressive artificial turf putting green that keeps your short-game sharp.

Get Creative With Topography

Golf courses are never perfectly flat – why should your putting green be?

A crucial part of perfecting your short game is learning to play when there are bends and breaks in the course. Adding hills and dips will develop your skills, making you a better player on the links.

Artificial turf is an incredibly versatile material. Your artificial grass installation contractor can work with you to create a challenging topography that looks and feels professional.

Add More than One Hole

Practicing the same shot repeatedly develops your muscle memory rather than your skill and strategy. 

By placing multiple holes in your artificial turf putting green, you’ll be challenged to make shots from numerous angles and placements. This sharpens your skills and makes your synthetic turf putting green look more interesting visually.

Place Bunkers

As frustrating as they are to find yourself in, sand traps are a part of the game. Knowing how to get your ball out of them as quickly as possible is key to saving your score. Adding bunkers to your at-home putting green helps you prepare to handle them during a game. 

Add a Fringe Around Your Putting Green

Chipping the ball out of the rough, bunker or fringe is a crucial skill. Working with your artificial grass contractor to design a fringe (made of turf with a higher pile height) around your putting green is a great way to help you practice your chipping skills at home.

With artificial turf, golf-lovers in Reno can enjoy incredibly realistic at-home putting greens to perfect their short game. With the largest selection of synthetic grass products available nationwide, SGW Reno has everything you need to create a uniquely challenging putting green right in your backyard. 

Our team of in-house designers has years of golf industry experience and is skilled in creating custom at-home putting greens. Give us a call today at (800) 651-3718, or contact us online for a complimentary consultation!

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