The Four Best Ways to Prepare Your Home After Purchasing Artificial Grass

October 28, 2022

Artificial turf installation is a fantastic option for homeowners. It’s a wise investment that’s gaining popularity in residential areas – especially in hot, dry climates like Reno.

If you’ve decided to replace your natural grass lawn with artificial turf in Reno, NV, you’re looking forward to a low-maintenance yard that stays green all year long. You also might wonder what the installation process will look like and how you can prepare for it.

A skilled contractor will know how to prepare your lawn to get the best results from your artificial turf installation. These are the four best ways to prepare your home after purchasing artificial turf.

Have Your Natural Grass Removed

Most homeowners install artificial turf to replace an existing natural grass yard. Your contractor must completely remove your old grass before they can install new landscaping.

 Your contractor will divide your lawn into squares to make removing it more manageable. The grass squares will then be stacked, placed into pallets and driven off. 

Before having your old grass tossed, have the sod checked for quality – higher-quality sod can be sold for a profit.

Prep The Installation Area

A proper foundation is crucial to a successful artificial turf installation. Good preparation will prevent weeds, bumps and divots on the surface of your new lawn.

First, your installation contractor will measure the area to determine how much synthetic turf to order. 

Then, they’ll loosen the dirt and roll the ground, making the installation area perfectly smooth and flat.

Lastly, your contractor will add stones or rubber pellets to your laying area. This will ensure proper drainage underneath your artificial turf. Inefficient drainage can cause everything from flooding to mold and mildew, so this step is essential to ensure a successful artificial grass installation.

Know What to Expect During Artificial Turf Installation

Once the prep work is complete, synthetic turf installation goes quickly. Once your turf arrives, it will be left to acclimate for at least a few hours. Artificial turf is shipped in tightly-bound rolls, so giving it time to “breathe” and flatten out before nailing it down is essential.

After your artificial grass is acclimated, your contractor will secure it to the ground. It will be rolled for a few days to help the underlying dirt settle. 

Learn About Synthetic Turf Maintenance

In preparing for artificial grass installation, it’s a good idea to learn about maintenance. 

Luckily, the upkeep for synthetic turf is minimal. You’ll save countless hours on watering, mowing, trimming and fertilizing. Your new lawn will ask for little more than the occasional rinse and brushing to stay lush and green.

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