Three Fun Ways to Use Different-Colored Artificial Turf

July 28, 2022

If you’ve been eyeing your neighborhood artificial turf lawns, you’ve already noticed how much greener the grass is on the other side – but it doesn’t have to only be green.

When your swap your natural grass for artificial turf, the possibilities are virtually endless. From bubblegum pink to Caribbean blue styles, the only limit on what you can create with synthetic grass is your imagination. Synthetic Grass Warehouse Reno carries the nation’s largest selection of artificial turf products, so you’re guaranteed to find the perfect style for every project.

This versatile material lends itself tremendously to everything from athletic centers and sports fields to simple backyard playgrounds. To help you start brainstorming, here are three of our favorite ways to use colored artificial turf.

Create an Eye-Catching Outdoor Space for Your Business

The customizability of artificial turf makes it perfect for commercial properties.

Different-colored artificial turf can be personalized to reflect your company’s colors or logo, resulting in beautiful outdoor spaces that showcase your unique business.

The inorganic nature of synthetic turf means the ground is just where the possibilities begin. Color turf works beautifully on rooftops, balconies and patios. It’s a durable, stunning way to extend the color scheme of your business out into its outdoor areas.

Add Fun and Functionality to Indoor Areas

Color turf products allow you to create indoor areas that are just as practical as they are fun.

From the inside of your playroom to the floor of your RV, color turf makes a beautiful addition to any room. Because it’s such an easy surface to keep clean (you can even vacuum it!), artificial turf is perfect for children and pets to enjoy worry-free indoor spaces.

Use Artificial Grass to Bring your Backyard to Life

Your backyard wears many hats. From the kids’ playground to the barbeque where you entertain, your yard is a place where every member of the family can relax and unwind. With color turf, there are so many ways you can customize it to your unique style and needs. 

Our four-legged friends love pet artificial turf. The soft feel and superior drainage of our synthetic grass make it perfect for pets to enjoy. Color turf adds a pop of color to your doghouse or cat tree.

Humans enjoy it just as much – especially the creatives among us. The options for color turf are endless – we’ve seen everything from life-sized checkerboards to artificial turf-cushioned outdoor furniture. 

We’d love to hear your vision for your outdoor spaces and help you bring them to life. At Synthetic Grass Warehouse Reno, we take pride in ensuring that every client receives above-and-beyond customer service to make every project a breeze. From providing fast shipping to connecting you with an artificial turf installation contractor, we’re Reno, Nevada’s best partner in creating stunning synthetic grass landscaping.

Call us at (800) 651-3718 or contact us online to get started on your next artificial grass installation; we’d be happy to provide you with more information, free samples or a complimentary quote. 


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