Three Ways Artificial Turf Makes Hygiene in Dog Runs Simple

February 17, 2023

Our four-legged friends can have a lot of energy, and sometimes it’s just not possible to go for a walk every time they need to go outside.

Installing a dog run is a great way to give your pets a designated outdoor space to play. These fenced-off areas allow your pets to run around and use the restroom without risking getting into your garden or landscaping.

Installing artificial turf in your dog run makes it far easier to keep the area clean and fresh. Below are three reasons why we love synthetic turf for dog runs!

Antimicrobial Artificial Turf Infill

Odors are the No. 1 concern pet owners have when it comes to artificial turf installation. Thankfully, today’s infill technology is incredibly effective at eliminating odor-causing bacteria.

Our Zeolite Max infill uses nontoxic, biodegradable granules to neutralize the ammonia in pet waste. No need to worry about your dog run starting to smell!

Superior Drainage

Natural grass and dog runs are an ill fit. From holes and brown spots to muddy paws, natural grass just isn’t ideal for pet spaces.

Artificial pet turf systems are designed specifically for dogs. Our pet turf styles are made with highly-efficient drainage, which means they’ll never become muddy after heavy rain. Forget mopping up the kitchen – your pets will come running back into the house with clean paws every time.

Easy Sanitization

Artificial turf is incredibly low-maintenance. With no watering, mowing or fertilizing needed, you’ll spend far less time maintaining your dog run. 

That said, some clean-up is needed to keep your lawn clean and fresh. Thankfully, maintaining your dog run is quick and easy. A simple rinse with a hose and some disinfectant spray is all you’ll need to keep the space green and lush all year round!

From dog runs and backyard playscapes and more, you’ll find the perfect turf for every project at Synthetic Grass Warehouse Reno. We provide Reno, Nevada with the best artificial grass customer service in the industry. Visit us online or call (800) 651-3718 today for free turf samples and a complimentary quote!

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