Three Ways to Effectively Reduce Noise at Your Gym With Artificial Turf

September 28, 2022

Artificial turf is gaining tremendous popularity in Reno, Nevada. High-quality synthetic grass saves home and business owners time and money in maintaining their outdoor areas.

What’s less common, however, is using artificial turf indoors. Surprisingly, artificial grass has a ton of benefits in indoor applications. 

Gyms are one of the biggest indoor spaces where artificial grass installation can have a ton of pros. To start, here are three ways that installing synthetic turf can reduce noise at your fitness center. 

Muffle the Sounds People Make

Gym-goers make a variety of noises – some more unpleasant than others. From clanging weights to grunting at the squat rack, people will make sounds. With more and more people wearing noise-canceling headphones, some aren’t entirely aware of how much noise they’re making.

Artificial turf functions the same way carpet can in that it muffles the voices and noises in a room. In a place as big and open as a gym, synthetic turf can significantly reduce the sounds people make. 

Reduce Noise from Workout Classes

Workout classes are one of the biggest draws for many fitness centers. As fun and high-energy as these classes are, they also tend to produce a lot of noise. The loud music from a class can echo throughout your gym and be frustrating for other gym-goers.

Installing artificial grass in your gym can help to soundproof the rooms used for workout classes. This can help make your fitness center a more enjoyable environment for all. 

Cushion the Floor From Dropped Weights

No matter how signs you put up telling people not to, some weight-dropping is inevitable. Someone who gets just a little too ambitious about how much they can lift and ends up dropping their weights.

The sounds of heavy dumbbells or plates hitting the ground can be pretty startling. Even if it doesn’t end up damaging your floors, the noise can echo through the room and disturb others. Installing synthetic turf in free-weight sections can help to cushion dropped weights, reducing the noise significantly. 

Artificial turf benefits Reno, Nevada gym owners in many ways. From reducing noise to helping keep indoor areas clean, synthetic grass is one of the smartest investments you can make in your fitness center. Synthetic Grass Warehouse Reno is committed to providing sustainable, low-maintenance solutions for gyms large and small. Give us a call at (800) 651-3718 or contact us online today – we’d love to provide you with free samples and a complimentary quote!

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