Three Ways to Keep Your Artificial Turf Cool This Summer

June 27, 2022

Artificial turf is one of the best investments you can make when you live in a desert climate.  Natural grass just isn’t suited to hot, dry climates. By switching to artificial turf, you’ll save countless hours on maintenance and significant money on water bills and fertilizers.

While it doesn’t heat up quite as much as asphalt or concrete, artificial turf can still get too hot for comfort during Reno, Nevada summers. 

The surface temperature of your synthetic turf should never be a reason to miss out on your favorite outdoor activities. To help you keep your artificial grass comfortable on even the hottest summer days, we’ve compiled a list of the best ways to cool down your turf.

1. Choose the Best Infill for Your Artificial Turf

Infill is important; it holds the blades upright, shields the backing from UV rays, and aids drainage to prevent odors and flooding.

Perhaps most importantly  – especially in the summer heat – is your artificial turf infill’s role in regulating the internal temperature of the blades. The best synthetic grass infill will allow your turf to “breathe” by encouraging airflow between the blades.  

Infills like silica sand are some of the best, as their light color makes them more resistant to absorbing heat from the sun.

2. Just Add Water

No, we’re not suggesting that you need to water your synthetic turf as though it were natural grass. Artificial grass doesn’t need to be watered, fertilized or mowed to stay lush and green.

However, a little rinse goes a long way to keep the surface of your artificial grass cool in the summer. A few minutes with a hose is often all your artificial turf needs to cool down.

3. Choose Artificial Grass That Doesn’t Overheat

Synthetic Grass Warehouse proudly offers UV-resistant artificial turf in Reno, Nevada. Our TigerCool technology is engineered with heat-reflective pigments, keeping the surface of your artificial grass up to ten degrees cooler.

Solar panel tests revealed that TigerCool technology reduced the surface temperature of artificial turf by up to fifteen percent. In the Reno, Nevada sun, that kind of reduction can be the difference between canceling your next outdoor event or not.

Never let the heat stand in the way of your favorite outdoor activities – Synthetic Grass Warehouse Reno carries the latest in artificial turf technology to keep your residential or commercial property looking and feeling great, even in the summer heat. 

We’re committed to serving Reno, Nevada with the highest quality artificial grass varieties at factory-direct pricing. We carry the widest selection of artificial grass varieties nationwide, so you’re sure to find the perfect design to keep your landscaping cool and enjoyable.

SGW Reno is your one-stop shop for every artificial grass installation project – from helping you pick the right materials to connecting you with an installation contractor. To learn more or request a complimentary quote, call us today at (800) 651-3718 or contact us online. We’d love to help you complete your next project.

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