Four Places Where Installing Artificial Turf on Concrete Makes Perfect Sense

February 21, 2023

Artificial turf installation is typically considered a low-maintenance, water-conscious replacement for natural grass. However, you don’t need an existing natural grass yard to reap the benefits of synthetic turf.

Artificial grass can easily be installed over concrete surfaces, creating lush green spaces where they’re few and far between. Here are four of our favorite places to install artificial turf over concrete. 

Near a Swimming Pool

Taking a dip in your pool typically requires going barefoot. If your pool is surrounded by concrete, you’ve likely experienced how hot and uncomfortable it can be to walk on in the summer.

Installing UV-protected artificial turf keeps your pool area cool to the touch even as temperatures climb. The heat-reflective pigments also prevent your synthetic turf’s blades from breaking down in the sun, keeping the surface soft and comfortable to walk on.

On Your Balcony 

Apartment and condo dwellers don’t have backyards to enjoy the outdoors. Installing artificial turf on a balcony is a great way to create green spaces in urban areas.

Synthetic grass makes the perfect backdrop for a balcony garden or entertaining space. It’s an incredibly versatile, low-maintenance material that can be cut to fit virtually any balcony or patio.

Where Your Pets Play

Concrete isn’t ideal for dogs – it gets hot, it’s hard on their joints, and there’s no good place for them to use the restroom.

Installing artificial turf over a concrete area in your yard gives your pets a soft, heat-controlled space they’ll love. Our synthetic pet turf systems are equipped with excellent drainage and antibacterial infill to ensure waste is flushed away and odors are kept to a minimum.

On Your Rooftop

Rooftop gardens and entertaining spaces never fail to impress. What’s not to love about lounging or hosting a gathering in the sky?

Rooftop landscaping options are limited – after all, you can’t plant trees or heavy plants on top of a building. Artificial grass is perfect for creating a green rooftop space without soil, water or digging. Its minimal maintenance ensures you’ll never have to worry about your urban oasis looking great all year round. 

Synthetic Grass Warehouse Reno has everything you need to create stunning green spaces. We’re the go-to for all things artificial turf in Reno, providing the nation’s largest selection of artificial grass and the installation accessories you need to get the job done. Our team ensures fast shipping and unbeatable customer service to help your installation company maintain its stellar reputation. Contact us online or call (800) 651-3718 for free turf samples and a complimentary quote.

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